Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Our new home:

Hello and welcome back to our little blog. It's been a long long time since we've checked in here and we've missed this space. There's so much that has happened since the last time we updated the blog, and it would take us manyyyyy posts to list all that we've been upto in the past year - and what a year it's been! We've grown to a fan following of over 2000 on Facebook, we've launched about 50 new product designs since we started, Heetal has designed and illustrated her very first children's story book and Kanan is expecting her 2nd little girl. Not to mention that we've had a whole lot of fun learning, growing and discovering ourselves! But this post is specifically to announce a very special piece of news. Drum rolls please... ;-) We'd like to welcome you all to our brand new home in cyberspace - !!

beetle and bottle banner

This is our new face, our cosy corner where all our magical characters have pitched their tents. This is where neon colours jostle with glossy faux leather products. Where pixie dust flies in abandon amongst flower fairies and astronauts. Where our personalised stories live along with an ever increasing range of gorgeous bags, home decor and storage for kids. This is where you can finally shop for any of our products, browse through our range, leave your comments, or simply feast your eyes on our stunning new designs.

We'd absolutely love to hear from you once you've visited our new site, so please don't hesitate to leave behind your precious feedback on a product you already own, or a suggestion you may have for a future product, or simply say hi to us in the testimonial section of the site. In fact, you may even win a Beetle & Bottle goodie bag containing some of our best sellers if you do! Participate in our Facebook contest here: and get ready to win!

Happy shopping everyone! We promise to be more connected in the new year! Lets make this corner fun again. We'll bring you not only new product updates, news on promotions and celebratory offers but we'll also chat about stuff relating to kids, parenting, what works for us and what drives us up the wall. And as usual, we'd love to hear your take on it all.  :-)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Breaking News! A Beetle found in the August issue of POOL Magazine!

I'd like to share another happy moment in the spotlight with all of you. For those who haven't heard of it, POOL is one of India's first International Design Magazines, rapidly being seen as the voice of creativity from India. They feature designers and artists from various disciplines and I am super delighted to be noticed and picked by them. Thank you team POOL for showcasing my work, my style and my love for illustrating for kids in such a beautiful way. Read on to follow Beetle's journey from the world of advertising to designing and painting yummy stuff for kids, all the way from Bombay to Istanbul. :-)

You can view the online magazine, and read my article in the August issue by clicking on this link:

Friday, 22 June 2012

B&B is famous! With Ideal Home & Garden!

Hello people, I am so happy to share my little moment of fame with you all! In the month of March, B&B enjoyed an entire feature in one of my favorite interior design magazines - Ideal Home & Garden. Some of you will recognize my wall art and special Bedtime stories that have been highlighted in the feature. I have to admit, it's quite a thrill to see page after page of my images and stories laid out so beautifully by the designers at Ideal Home & Garden. They've made B&B look absolutely delicious! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-) Here's to many more such happy moments in the spotlight! 

Rockin' Riya!

Hello people, I apologize for being away for sooooo long, but what matters most, is that I'm back with a fresh new story from the B&B oven. A story about a little girl who personifies sugar & spice and all things nice. This little rockstar is a pink bundle of sparkling energy! What more can you ask for, from a little diva? There's a slight twist in this tale though...what makes Riya's story even more special is that it's been written by someone who knows and loves her as much as she loves the colour pink! Take a bow, Aunty's your masterpiece.

Email me on
for a customized story for your own special little rockstar! 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Once a hero, always a hero!

When someone special from your childhood comes galloping back into the present, armed with memories of fuzzy afternoons, head swirling adventures and exciting stories, they bring with them waves of happy nostalgia. Especially when that someone is still graced with the illusive status of being 'cool' even after all these years. I'm talking about a childhood hero, who I'm sure has been the highlight of many stolen afternoons, not just for me, but many other kids in the 80's. So when, little Adam's father commissioned me to write and illustrate a special story based on Tintin, the famous teen detective, I jumped at the opportunity to pay a tribute to the evergreen character so many children love and cherish, even today. Here's Adam's version of Tintin, complete with little Snowy at his heels and the famous 'ten thousand thundering typhoons!'

The finished frames for Adam, based on a famous Tintin poster.

Mail me on heetal@beetleandbottle if your little one is a Tintin fan,
and we can personalize this story specially for your little detective!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Artnlight: Heetal Dattani's Beetle and Bottle.

I am sooooo happy to start the year on such a beautiful note. Beetle & Bottle has been featured on one of the best design sites ever! For those of you who don't know Vineeta Nair, you have to visit her blog Artnlight. It has been an inspiration to me ever since I laid eyes on her beautiful designs and her inimitable style of presenting her work. To be featured on Artnlight is a huge honor and I can't stop bouncing off the walls since I received her email confirming my feature. Happy reading's to Beetle & Bottle reching out to more people and more kids in the new year! :-)

 Click on the link below to see the entire article. :-)

Snippets of the feature on Artnlight.

 Click on the link below to see the entire article. :-)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas Goodies!

It's the season of fairy lights and sparkles, of cinnamon flavored cookies and ginger bread men, of silver angels and happy Santas, of presents and carols, of toothy smiles and shiny eyes, of candy and caramel. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I just have to share these gorgeous new designs put together for all the last minute Santas out there. :-) Here's wishing each and every one of you a gorgeous time with your little munchkins, friends and families. Keep smiling. See you all in the new year!

Write to me at for your own set of Christmas coasters
or to bring home your own Christmas Angel. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My First Exhibition!

Tadaaaa....I'm so proud to announce and showcase pictures of my very first exhibition! Feeling like a curious, though nervous toddler venturing out into the world all alone, I signed up to host a stall at the Xmas bazaar organized by the International Women of Istanbul. I can't even begin to express how much all the "Best of luck!", "Break a leg!" and "Go show 'em!" messages did to calm the manic butterflies in my tummy! So a big squashy hug to each and every one of you, who posted words of encouragement on my Facebook page. The week prior to the exhibition that was held at the Hilton Istanbul, was a buzzing blur of frenzied preparations. And finally seeing the stall, all set up, my goodies glistening in the spotlight, waiting for the doors to open and the crowds to descend was quite an experience. Here are the pictures of the Beetle & Bottle stall, and a sneak peek at the goodies that were designed and created specially for the exhibition. 

 More pictures showcasing my new range of Beetle & Bottle Fun Boxes, Sneeze Boxes and Tissue Holders, Mirrors, Christmas Coasters and DIY Angels on the way....!

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Adventurous Astronaut

Just when I had resigned myself to the fact that bed time stories were all for little girls, I was commissioned to design a story for a special little boy, who's big shiny dreams are scattered with stardust. Little Aalyosh is a bright young boy, with a curious mind, always looking to unravel the secrets of twinkling planets and shimmering stars. It's beautiful to watch his bright green eyes light up as he peers through his telescope each night, looking for flying spaceships and green faced aliens that may be hovering outside his bedroom window. One day, when he's a famous astronaut, I'm going to ask him to bring me back some moon-rock from his exciting adventures in outer space! :-)

The  finished frames that add a sparkle to our little Astronaut's room.

Detailing of the astronaut illustration.

The special poem written for Aalyosh.
  Write to me at heetal@beetleandbottle for a personalized story specially for your little astronaut!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Lady Bugs & Giant Hugs

This is a story that has been a complete delight to design. As a little girl, I remember being completely transfixed by the tiny, but perfectly round spot of colour on a lady bug's wings. I guess my little art director's eye found great wonder in the brilliant red hues and the perfectly scattered polka dots on these magical creatures. So when my friend called to tell me that her little daughter was awe struck by her new lady bug toy, I felt that old sense of wonder returning. Painting Miss Ladybug took me back to those warm fuzzy afternoons, spent peering happily into the green leaves of the little park near my house; looking for my pretty dotted friends, while the other kids focused on slides and swings. My finished frames now hang happily in little Ira's room and everytime she looks at them, I see the same wonder in her eyes. It's clear that Ira and Miss Ladybug are going to be friends for a long time to come. 

Set of 4 frames including a personalized story

Write to me on for a personalized Magic Ladybug story for your little one.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sparkles, Giggles and a Delightful Diwali!

This is a special post to invite the beautiful Angel of Lights to scatter a handful of glowing sparkles into our world. Please welcome Ariana, the shiniest angel of them all. She has been specially designed to spread Diwali cheer amongst little kids and to infuse their new year with a whole lot of giggles, love and light. And if she likes you, she may stay by your bedside and blow sweet, shimmering kisses into your dreams, so that the festival of light never leaves you and you may celebrate it's beauty all year round.

Making your own special Diwali Angel is not only easy, but also a lot of fun!

 You can attach a string to your Diwali Angel so she may flutter above you, or you could simply place her on a comfortable surface where she may watch over you as you wander off into the land of sleep. 

Please write to me on for your own special little Diwali Angel. She can come visit you as a pdf, ready to be printed in your own home, or as an indigo print on my favorite shimmery paper. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Little Princess

This post is for a special little girl, who lives in the world of sparkling kingdoms and enchanted forests. She imagines herself as a beautiful princess and charms her way out of trouble by flashing her dreamy, angelic smile. Her mother, the Queen, commissioned me to bring to life these beautiful fantasies for our little princess's 8th birthday. I enjoyed getting lost in little Kaavya's world of far away lands, mystical creatures, and magical melodies. I'm sure that these frames will add an extra sparkle to her smile when she sees them on her special day. Happy birthday dear princess...May you always be surrounded by magic, love and laughter.

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Magic Lollipop!

Tadaaaaa! So here it is...the much awaited new story, fresh out of the Beetle & Bottle oven. This is a super special post, for more reasons than one. Not only is it my first commissioned story, but it's also for a friend's niece, Saesha - an angel faced little girl with a sugar sweet smile and a halo of cute curls. From the first moment that I saw little Saesha's picture, I knew I had to paint her as a cherub with crystal wings. Her doting aunt mentioned her sweet tooth and before I knew it, a magic lollipop floated into the story. I was also requested to bring in her favorite cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry. I hope that little Saesha enjoys this story as much as I enjoyed designing it. 
Saesha with her glorious halo of curls

These are the finished frames that are waiting to hang in little Saesha's room 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Once Upon a Time...

This post is for Joshua. The son of a dear friend of mine, little Joshua is a heart stealer. He has the cutest smiles and is always happy to show them off. I love watching my friend read out a story to him. He looks at her with such a serious expression, as though he really understands every word. Sometimes I wonder if he sees himself as part of the story...
And that's when I thought of doing a customized bed time story for little Josh. But instead of a conventional book, that he sometimes finds edible, this one goes up on his wall. So he can look at it while he's nodding off to sleep and carry that charming smile into his dreams.

These are the finished frames. Little Josh loves sneaking a peek at himself, 
and it always makes him smile his toothy smile again.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Land of Pretend...

This is a story that I wrote and illustrated for my 4 year old niece, Aliya. Aliya is a beautiful little girl with an exceptionally rich  imagination. She keeps wandering off into her world of make believe, where she plays a ballerina one moment and a pianist the next. While she was visiting me in Istanbul, she took my hand one afternoon and allowed me to accompany her on her flight of fantasy. Here's a glimpse of our journey through the beautiful land of 'pretend'.

These frames hold memories of that wonderful afternoon with little Aliya.