Monday, 24 October 2011

Sparkles, Giggles and a Delightful Diwali!

This is a special post to invite the beautiful Angel of Lights to scatter a handful of glowing sparkles into our world. Please welcome Ariana, the shiniest angel of them all. She has been specially designed to spread Diwali cheer amongst little kids and to infuse their new year with a whole lot of giggles, love and light. And if she likes you, she may stay by your bedside and blow sweet, shimmering kisses into your dreams, so that the festival of light never leaves you and you may celebrate it's beauty all year round.

Making your own special Diwali Angel is not only easy, but also a lot of fun!

 You can attach a string to your Diwali Angel so she may flutter above you, or you could simply place her on a comfortable surface where she may watch over you as you wander off into the land of sleep. 

Please write to me on for your own special little Diwali Angel. She can come visit you as a pdf, ready to be printed in your own home, or as an indigo print on my favorite shimmery paper. 


vineeta said...

Heetal, beautiful, beautiful idea & execution. But if one wants the Diwali angel how does one get it? Can ppl write to you here for it? Do mention.
I love the way you have displayed how she will look in real surroundings :)

Heetal Dattani Joshi said...

Thank you Vineeta... :) I had a lot of fun designing her. And yes, people can write in to request a Diwali Angel here, or on I've also added a note in my post.