Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas Goodies!

It's the season of fairy lights and sparkles, of cinnamon flavored cookies and ginger bread men, of silver angels and happy Santas, of presents and carols, of toothy smiles and shiny eyes, of candy and caramel. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I just have to share these gorgeous new designs put together for all the last minute Santas out there. :-) Here's wishing each and every one of you a gorgeous time with your little munchkins, friends and families. Keep smiling. See you all in the new year!

Write to me at for your own set of Christmas coasters
or to bring home your own Christmas Angel. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My First Exhibition!

Tadaaaa....I'm so proud to announce and showcase pictures of my very first exhibition! Feeling like a curious, though nervous toddler venturing out into the world all alone, I signed up to host a stall at the Xmas bazaar organized by the International Women of Istanbul. I can't even begin to express how much all the "Best of luck!", "Break a leg!" and "Go show 'em!" messages did to calm the manic butterflies in my tummy! So a big squashy hug to each and every one of you, who posted words of encouragement on my Facebook page. The week prior to the exhibition that was held at the Hilton Istanbul, was a buzzing blur of frenzied preparations. And finally seeing the stall, all set up, my goodies glistening in the spotlight, waiting for the doors to open and the crowds to descend was quite an experience. Here are the pictures of the Beetle & Bottle stall, and a sneak peek at the goodies that were designed and created specially for the exhibition. 

 More pictures showcasing my new range of Beetle & Bottle Fun Boxes, Sneeze Boxes and Tissue Holders, Mirrors, Christmas Coasters and DIY Angels on the way....!