About Beetle & Bottle

Welcome to Beetle & Bottle, a design label that features
quirky room decor, storage solutions and fun accessories for kids. Inspired by the vivid and wonderful imagination of children, each Beetle & Bottle product is an original design that reflects our unique and inimitable style.

Heetal and Kanan, the co-founders of Beetle & Bottle share a secret dream of spreading their unique design style amongst all the kids in the world. They believe in allowing kids to be kids, to dance, to laugh and to love. To appreciate beauty in every form, and to give wings to their crazy imagination. Email them on heetal@beetleandbottle.com/ kanan@beetleandbottle.com to chat, share or just say hi.

Beetle & Bottle is available in select offline exhibitions and events as well as online. Get in touch for more details or to place your order for one of their fabulous products. 

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