Monday, 26 September 2011

The Magic Lollipop!

Tadaaaaa! So here it is...the much awaited new story, fresh out of the Beetle & Bottle oven. This is a super special post, for more reasons than one. Not only is it my first commissioned story, but it's also for a friend's niece, Saesha - an angel faced little girl with a sugar sweet smile and a halo of cute curls. From the first moment that I saw little Saesha's picture, I knew I had to paint her as a cherub with crystal wings. Her doting aunt mentioned her sweet tooth and before I knew it, a magic lollipop floated into the story. I was also requested to bring in her favorite cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry. I hope that little Saesha enjoys this story as much as I enjoyed designing it. 
Saesha with her glorious halo of curls

These are the finished frames that are waiting to hang in little Saesha's room