Friday, 4 November 2011

Lady Bugs & Giant Hugs

This is a story that has been a complete delight to design. As a little girl, I remember being completely transfixed by the tiny, but perfectly round spot of colour on a lady bug's wings. I guess my little art director's eye found great wonder in the brilliant red hues and the perfectly scattered polka dots on these magical creatures. So when my friend called to tell me that her little daughter was awe struck by her new lady bug toy, I felt that old sense of wonder returning. Painting Miss Ladybug took me back to those warm fuzzy afternoons, spent peering happily into the green leaves of the little park near my house; looking for my pretty dotted friends, while the other kids focused on slides and swings. My finished frames now hang happily in little Ira's room and everytime she looks at them, I see the same wonder in her eyes. It's clear that Ira and Miss Ladybug are going to be friends for a long time to come. 

Set of 4 frames including a personalized story

Write to me on for a personalized Magic Ladybug story for your little one.


Pia said...

hi heetal, vandana pointed me towards your blog, and it's absolutely gorgeous! the paintings, the stories - they're beautiful, and personal. loved it.

Heetal Dattani Joshi said...

Thanks Pia. :-) Always great to receive positive feedback.

Priya said...

Awesome work Heetal. Are these frames all hand painted or partly illustrated on the computer? gorgeous work with amazing details... You sure put in a lot of effort behind each of them

Heetal Dattani Joshi said...

Thanks Priya...most of my work is handpainted and then enhanced digitally. The base is hand painted, more often than not and then I tinker around on the computer till I'm happy with what I see. :)

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