Monday, 21 November 2011

The Adventurous Astronaut

Just when I had resigned myself to the fact that bed time stories were all for little girls, I was commissioned to design a story for a special little boy, who's big shiny dreams are scattered with stardust. Little Aalyosh is a bright young boy, with a curious mind, always looking to unravel the secrets of twinkling planets and shimmering stars. It's beautiful to watch his bright green eyes light up as he peers through his telescope each night, looking for flying spaceships and green faced aliens that may be hovering outside his bedroom window. One day, when he's a famous astronaut, I'm going to ask him to bring me back some moon-rock from his exciting adventures in outer space! :-)

The  finished frames that add a sparkle to our little Astronaut's room.

Detailing of the astronaut illustration.

The special poem written for Aalyosh.
  Write to me at heetal@beetleandbottle for a personalized story specially for your little astronaut!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Work Heetal. I wish I was a kid again. Lotsa best wishes.

Heetal Dattani Joshi said...

Thanks! :-)

Pia said...
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Pia said...

love, love the little astronaut - very manga-ish! your illustrations jump off the page, heetal. my daughter's in love with all things space, and often leaves for far-off planets, so i'm familiar with this world!

Heetal Dattani Joshi said...

Thanks pia, I remember being completely enamored by the mysterious world of stars and planets myself as a child. So this illustration was a lot of fun for me to do. :)

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