Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Once a hero, always a hero!

When someone special from your childhood comes galloping back into the present, armed with memories of fuzzy afternoons, head swirling adventures and exciting stories, they bring with them waves of happy nostalgia. Especially when that someone is still graced with the illusive status of being 'cool' even after all these years. I'm talking about a childhood hero, who I'm sure has been the highlight of many stolen afternoons, not just for me, but many other kids in the 80's. So when, little Adam's father commissioned me to write and illustrate a special story based on Tintin, the famous teen detective, I jumped at the opportunity to pay a tribute to the evergreen character so many children love and cherish, even today. Here's Adam's version of Tintin, complete with little Snowy at his heels and the famous 'ten thousand thundering typhoons!'

The finished frames for Adam, based on a famous Tintin poster.

Mail me on heetal@beetleandbottle if your little one is a Tintin fan,
and we can personalize this story specially for your little detective!

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